FOMO Influencer Program

How does The Influencer Program work?

Are you an influencer?. FOMO has a network of influencers that we use for marketing. We are willing to share our network with all of you, free of charge, yip you read correctly.

  1. Your business partners with FOMO & we agree on the special you want to promote.
  2. FOMO sets up the booking with the restaurant and the influencer.
  3. We make sure that the influencer knows what to promote and send them your social media handles and other relevant info.
  4. The influencer attends your restaurant, takes videos and pictures of their experience. As well as explains what your special is and where their following can get this special …your restaurant obviously:)
  5. Influencer posts their content to their Instagram and thousands of their following see your specials and hopefully, come give you a visit!

FOMO is not accepting payment for running this campaign. All we want is that you sponsor a meal and a drink (the special that you want to promote) for the influencer and their partner.

If you are interested in being a part of this campaign please fill in the form below:

FOMO is a super simple and user friendly app for the every day person looking for a good special at their favorite restaurant or upcoming events. The FOMO app uses geo location to show you the restaurant specials, drink specials, events and more nearest to you. Smart right?!. Best thing about FOMO is that it’s free for all users.

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