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What is the fomo app?

Italian Trulli
Italian Trulli

Never miss out on specials again

fomo is a super simple and user friendly app for the every day person looking for a good special at their favourite restaurant or upcoming events. The fomo app uses geo location to show you the restaurant specials, drink specials, events and more nearest to you. Smart right?!. Best thing about fomo is that it's free for all users.
A quick nibble about us

Who We Are

fomo was created out of a need that the founders, Ryan Marx and Jacqueline du Plessis had, that many South Africans struggle with, the need to see specials in your area. Specials that are valid and not outdated, specials that are near your location and most of all, not to overspend when we don’t have to right!

“We created this app because we were sick of laying in bed on a Saturday or having a lazy Wednesday where we don’t want to cook dinner, asking the age-old question… where should we go for dinner?!” I’m sure as many of you know, this causes major frustration because we don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to eat out. Worst of all, going out to eat and you see afterward that the place next door had a 2 -for-1 cocktail happy hour special. Oh, that really grinds my gears friends. Well, that’s why we came up with fomo, the app that tells you where to find the special you are looking for.

Great for restaurants because they don’t have to spend thousands trying to get their specials seen on Facebook and hella great for consumers because we don’t have to rely on restaurant owners to use their Instagram marketing skills(no offence) for us to see their amazeballs specials. Win-Win for everyone!

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