Are you a restauranteur or hosting an event? Sign up to FOMO today & get exposure and marketing for your Restaurant!

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I want to list my special on FOMO

The FOMO team is doing everything in their power to help get restaurants back on their feet

We are waiving the monthly subscription fee due to COVID

Let’s start with the Nitty Gritty: How much does it cost?

For only R149 per month you can be a part of the FOMO app, updating all FOMO users of your most exciting special. Each establishment or brand may have up to 2 specials active at a time.

What do you get from FOMO:

  • An account manager setting up your specials on FOMO
  • To choose your own images for specials promoting your establishment in your own unique way
  • Access to all FOMO users
  • The ability for FOMO users to book at your establishment using the app via email, users can call an uber to take them directly to your establishment through the app
  • The ability for you to get feedback from your consumers regarding the specials you are running using the FOMO reviews section

Using mobile marketing to promote specials

The power of the cellphone. Many business owners may still be in denial on how important it is to target customers using mobile marketing. When was the last time you left the house without your cellphone? Exactly! We rely on the access to instant supply of information. Want to know where a business is located, google it, want to know what the price of Avo’s are, we google it. Whatever the question is that we have we use the internet.

As mobile phones are getting smarter and easier to use, we are relying more on them and they are becoming more important in our everyday lives. Knowing this we created FOMO as an app-based consumer marketing tool. This is the most cost-effective way to get your specials seen by customers as this tool is only R149 p/m to use.

Game-Changer for Restaurants

Consumers don’t want to put in the effort to find your business and if it’s too much effort or takes too long the odds are that they will likely give up before they even find your special. Most of the content pieces that are ranking on Google are outdated and no longer valid and that is the most frustrating thing for consumers, reading articles from 2015 that are not up-to-date. So FOMO makes it easy for customers to see the relevant specials that are near them at the same time making it easier for business owners in the area to be seen by the eyes that matter.

Saving Time & Money

Taking Marketing Off Your Hands

We want restaurants to stick to what they are great at and that is making delicious food and drinks and giving us the vibe, we want. Therefore, we want to take marketing off your hands and take care of it for you! You don’t need to be a Social Media expert anymore, you don’t need to try designing your own posters, you don’t need to waste your time and money anymore. Because let’s face it we all know how expensive those Facebook campaigns can be when you don’t really know what you are doing.