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Delmas, Mpumalanga

Original price was: R8,000.00.Current price is: R7,200.00.

Save: 10%

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What you Get

  • Drift101: 4-hour course for 1 person

Delmas, Mpumalanga

Fine Print

  • The voucher is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase
  • Duration 4 Hours
  • Bookings are essential: call 078 0444 434 / 071 1100 658 or email [email protected]
  • The offer is valid for the dates and times provided ONLY (contact XS Promotions to confirm dates)
  • A 48-hour cancellation policy applies
  • All the courses are hosted at RedStar Raceway, Delmas (GPS: S 26 04′ 30.9’E 28 45” 20.0” )
  • Courses operate from 9am – 12 pm on most Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays

Original price was: R8,000.00.Current price is: R7,200.00.

Save: 10%

How FOMO Works
How To Buy
How To Book
Refund Policy
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Get your adrenaline pumping with an experience you can share with family & friends. Learn to drift – beginners to advanced courses with XS Promotions. Experience a drift and even organise your next corporate or birthday celebration event around a drift ‘day out!’…

What you Get

  • Drift101: 4-hour course for 1 person

How to Redeem

  • Look over the fine print for information on how you can redeem your voucher

About the courses
Drift101: Drift101 is our most common drift course offered to competent manual car drivers who learn the Donuts skill set and progress on to more advanced techniques of drift incl. figure 8’s, handbrake skills, and drift thought campaigning skills. Drivers share a drift car. Drinks and snacks provided*


What’s the cancellation / refund policy?
There’s a lot that goes in committing to a track day: car prep, insurance, track reservation, coach scheduling, etc. As such we refund 50% within 7 days of track date, and no refund within 1 day of event. If you can’t make it, your booking is transferrable, so if you can sell or gift it to someone else.
Due to circumstances well out of our control, certain dates can be compromised ‘late’ in the day, as of XS Drift internally or via external anomalies/circumstances (bad weather, venue booking incongruities etc) – 
we dont refund unless under dire circumstances (50% refund), but will arrange a alternative  suitable date for your class. Again, your booking is transferrable, so if you can sell or gift it to someone else. Also, classes take place rain or shine.

Do I need a driver’s license?
Believe it or not, NO! We’re on private property. But you do need to know how to drive a manual transmission vehicle.

Do you need to be able to drive manual transmission?
It is very highly recommended, though not required, you have some experience driving manual (stick shift). If you have little to no experience allow about 30 minutes to get comfortable, so please factor that into the length, of course, you decide to book.

What is the minimum age?
We’ve had 14-year-olds through before that did great because they already knew how to drive a manual. If you can drive a stick shift and reach the pedals, I think you will have a good time!

Do I need to bring a helmet?
We provide helmets when they are required, or if you have your own motorbike or motorsport rated helmet you can bring your own. Most classes will NOT require wearing a helmet (on the wet skidpad), but all classes include a hot lap with a pro that does require helmets.

What should I wear?
Dress for the weather outside and for getting warmer in the car. Shorts are allowed. Shoes are the most important. Wear your most comfortable running or walking shoes. The more you can ‘feel’ the pedals the better. For example, any sneakers are popular shoes worn by drifting professionals. Wear a shirt that covers your shoulders so that the harness doesn’t chafe you…

Can I bring a friend to watch (and film?
Absolutely. We welcome friends and family to watch, film, and photographs from the sidelines. Chairs and shade are provided. And in the end, if there’s time, they can purchase high-speed passenger laps with our pro drivers.

Can I film my class?
Can I bring a GoPro?We allow filming / GoPros for most courses (Drift101/ProDrift) towards the end of the day. There are usually mounts inside and on the roof of the cars. For other classes (Donuts) we don’t allow student filming during class because we’ve found it becomes a distraction for first-time students and slows the flow of shorter classes. Our goal is to get you as much seat time as possible. However, your guests can film from the side. And all students are allowed to film the passenger lap with our pro drivers at the end of the day.

Is there food and water?
For all courses, bottled water is provided. Snacks are provided. Sanitizing wipes and/or hand sanitizer will also be provided. And yes, there are bathrooms on site.

Is it safe?
In nearly three years of operation, we’re happy to report we’ve never had an accident or injury. Both raceways we use provide enough space and tons of blacktop and we design the courses to allow plenty of room for all the mistakes we’ve seen (so far).

What is the car I’ll drive?
You will drive a modified Nissan 350z with 250 rear wheel horsepower that is a very basic drift car. Our instructors regularly compete and podium with them in local drift events.
Can a friend be in the car with me?Students are not permitted to drive guests, however, guests can purchase passenger hot laps driven by a pro at the end of class or if there be some time left instructors will willingly oblige with drift passenger rides for free.

What are the biggest mistakes new students make?
Every new student will make mistakes and each mistake is a small milestone to learning to control a sliding car. You will bring many actions together, sometimes at once and sometimes in succession, that will require breaking habits and learning new ones. We want you to have seat time to develop new muscle memory. The top 5 mistakes in the beginning include:

  1. Not pulling the e-brake hard enough to lock up the back tires,
  2. Not letting go of the steering wheel (or letting go too late) to initiate the drift
  3. Accelerating too hard or too long
  4. Holding the e-brake too long
  5. Not looking where you want the car to go (track vision)

You will spinout, and so do the pros. The challenge is part of the fun. Then, at some point, a skill will suddenly appear. You will get it, like riding a bike. And it feels like you struck gold!

How can I prepare for my first-course day?
There are many YouTube videos on learning to drift for the first time. But we would prefer for you to be in line with our tuition on the day itself…

Do I need to tip my instructor?
If you’ve had fun and think your instructor did a great job it’s certainly a nice gesture but definitely isn’t required.



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Delmas, Mpumalanga

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