A Kids Birthday Party One Could Only Dream of at Wonderdal

Consists of a vibrant Amuki cake, celebration bag + 7 edu-zones to check out

Kids who celebrate at Wonderdal Edutainment Centre for kids, in the Stellenbosch winelands, can climb up through the branches of Kora, Wonderdal’s Tree of Light, or nestle in a lit up reading nook in the Story Cave.

In the indoor and outside playpark, near Durbanville, Cape Town, the northern suburban areas and the winelands, they can brave the climbing wall and jungle fitness center in the Wildlands outside or play with child-safe electrical boards at the Tinker Workshop. It’s a kids birthday celebration no-one will ever forget.

Kora the Tree of Light. Image provided by Wonderdal THE OFFICIAL BIRTHDAY PARTY PACKAGE The kids are entirely catered for, from the e-invites, design, birthday cake and lunch to celebration packs and the 2 hours of monitored activities. All celebrations are accompanied by celebration hosts, so moms and dads can unwind.

Amuki birthday cake. Image provided by Wonderdal When it’s time to cut the cake, moms and dads will get an SMS to head back to the partly covered celebration place in the yard outside Wonderdal and delight in birthday treats and lunch. Ticket rates vary in between R205 to R290 depending upon the day and size of the celebration. Take a look online for the very best rates for you when you schedule a birthday celebration at Wonderdal.

7 EDU-ZONES WITH THE AMUKI At Wonderdal, kids need to assist in looking after the lovable Amuki characters, Zylo, Gomma, Timpa, Vuvu and Shekku, as they check out 7 edu-zones. They can attend the eye-catching Tree of Light, Kora, radiance with its Amuki, Zylo, guardian of the sun. Kids can bring back Kora’s energy with a hand crank at the bottom of the trunk or climb around the netted canopies above.

Kora the Tree of Light. Image provided by Wonderdal At the Tinker Workshop, no issue will go unsolved with the intense green and bubbly Amuki, Timpa. He will teach the kids whatever he understands about wind energy, child-safe electrical boards and the mechanics behind a little laser weapon to a technical marble labyrinth the kids can construct themselves.

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A Kids Birthday Party One Could Only Dream of at Wonderdal

LISTEN TO A PODCAST IN THE STORY CAVE Kids can get comfy in a lit up reading nook in the story cavern with the giggly Amuki, Vuvu, guardian of air. There they will find the Amuki characters through podcasts or Wonderdal’s 700+ books. Kids can select a natural component to find out about from the earth cavern, sun cavern, air cavern, or perhaps the care cavern, then evaluate their understanding at the interactive test station.

The Story Cave. Image provided by Wonderdal Let the kids check out the elaborate netted forest canopy, the tunnelling balancing socks and the difficult climbing up wall in the Wildlands outside. Each activity includes its own set of difficulties kids need to dominate. They will need to Tarzan their method through the forest, dodge the walls as they race through the stabilizing socks and yell out in success once they arrive at the climbing wall.

The Climbing Wall. Image provided by Wonderdal

A Kids Birthday Party One Could Only Dream of at Wonderdal