Escape Games: Test Your Skills

Play HintHunt Africa’s thrilling and addictive Escape Games.


7 out of the 10 secret Holy Moleys have actually been discovered and numerous puzzles decrypted prior to the 60 minute timer that shrieks for us to stop. The main door opens, and HintHunt Africa’s Gamemaster gets in to provide the problem: we’re cursed and sentenced to life in a rotting ship …


HintHunt Africa’s live Escape Room games at the Watershed in the V&A Waterfront locks away 2 – 6 gamers per group in a decadently themed space, pressing them to solve puzzles and riddles to make it through (win). Try your best to overlook the shouts of triumph and the laughter from the escape spaces next door. It contributes to the enjoyment as you complete it, however, it may likewise make you rush your own obstacle.


GET THE TEAM TOGETHER FOR A THRILLING EXPERIENCE HintHunt Africa’s escape spaces are both thrilling and difficult. You’ll require a group that’s got all types of smarts, interests and imagination to solve the puzzles in time. You’ll marvel however, who you believed to be the idle colleague may swing into action to fix a moving puzzle while your generally suppressed buddy barks out orders and captains the group forward. Everyone discovers a job to do and is so quickly captured up in the story. The Cursed Treasure Escape Room. Image: provided by HintHunt Africa IT’S CAPTIVATING AND ENGROSSING It’s the escapism and experience that makes it gripping, states Escape Game

Master Charlemagne Kasichi. The Escape Game space trend has actually grown all over the world and turned competitive for many years, with live escape space competitors in cities like Budapest and London. HintHunt Africa is the very first to bring live Escape Game space experiences to the continent and has actually developed 3 experiences for South Africans.

These immersive, storytelling video games enable you to experience the story like you’re enduring a hit film and dominating each job immediately bonds you to your colleagues. Each of HintHunt Africa’s live experiences features a backstory of cursed treasures, run-down hotel spaces and a sinking shipwreck.

You’ll need to review your analytical abilities as each space will test you in various ways.

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Escape Games: Test Your Skills

Starving for the riches, you need to

recuperate these vital treasures before to the storm strikes and sinks you and the ship permanently. However, do not overlook the skeletons and the messages heard throughout the cabin’s walls. The escape space is more complex than it looks and you’ll require to lean on every employee to discover your escape.


What do you know about the strange Mr O– the once popular author who was last seen staying in this old hotel room? Absolutely nothing can stop the rot and decay from taking control, however it’s essential you learn what took place prior to the structure collapsing ruins. The Old Hotel Escape space is basic: learn the fact of Mr O’s suspicious disappearance or die with the hotel.

DISCOVER THE TREASURE OR BE CURSED The Cursed Treasure is HintHunt’s newest, and perhaps hardest escape room. Here, everybody from the intern to the business’s CEO needs to collaborate. This escape room consists of protective voodoo magic and ancient spells that you and your group must conquer. You should recuperate the lost treasure, break a curse and escape or spend the rest of your days caught in a sunken ship. Head’s up: the cabin you’re caught in is not what it appears.



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Escape Games: Test Your Skills
Escape Games: Test Your Skills