HintHunt Amazing Race Adventure Discounts with FOMO

HintHunt Amazing Race Adventure Discounts

1 hour 15 minutes to save people, jewels & yourself. Can you do it?

Sprint through the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town collecting vital clues to win the Amazing Race Adventure. Whether you are competitive or not this will get your problem solving juices flowing.

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Based on the TV series “The Amazing Race”, teams race against the clock around a predefined route, following clues and completing challenges along the way to get to the finish line before the other team takes home the gold. This is the perfect adventure whether you are with family and friends or a team building, end of year activity. It’s so central for a work or social activity, you can use the FOMO app to find some great specials in Cape Town or near Waterfront, download for for FREE:

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What is Hint Hunt Amazing Race Adventure:

Your teams will go head-to-head as they race through the V&A Waterfront, navigating so many of its iconic landmarks while completing challenges. Solving the fast-paced challenges of murder mysteries, life-threating projects and stolen jewels, it will require the wits of every team member, no man left behind so bring your thinking caps.

Take the challenges outside for HintHunt’s Amazing Race. You and a team of up to 40 people will need to sprint around the V&A Waterfront finding crucial clues along scenic routes (first clue: the beautiful sites are a distraction! Focus on the task at hand to win).  

HintHunt Amazing Race Adventure Discounts with FOMO

Clue: the difficulty level of each game increases if you underestimate the ability of your teammates. Everyone, from the hotshot CEO to the bright-eyed intern, has a vital role to play in figuring out the clues.

Objective: Be the first team to make it back and earn eternal bragging rights!

  • Race around V&A Waterfront.
  • Complete tasks and Challenges.
  • Be the first team back!

The Hint Hunt Amazing Race Game options you can choose from:

1. Street Arts

Explore the scenic route but don’t be distracted by the view: keep your eyes firmly on the prize. This Hint Hunt Amazing Race game is focused around the Street Art around you, one of the things Cape Town is well known for.

Distance: 2.5km / 1.6miles

Game Time: 75 minutes

HintHunt Amazing Race Adventure Discounts with FOMO

2. Wheely. Wheely Good.

Race through the Waterfront and visit some of its iconic landmarks along the way. Make strategic decisions to stay ahead of your opposition! This is the classic Hint Hunt Amazing Race game, let’s see if you can figure out why it’s called “Wheely. Wheely. Good”

Distance: 1.8km / 1.1miles

Game Time: 75 minutes

HintHunt Amazing Race Adventure Discounts with FOMO

3. Far and Wide

Travel far and wide into the Waterfront to discover some of the beauty and history that lays hidden off the beaten path! This is the newest Hint Hunt Amazing Race game where you will go further into and around Waterfront to solve the game. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes for this one as it’s a real challenge!

Distance: About 2kms

Game Time: 70 – 80 minutes

HintHunt Amazing Race Adventure Discounts with FOMO


1. What do I need to bring

  • A fully charged phone that has some data connectivity
  • Some water

2. What should I wear

  • Comfortable shoes that can go the distance
  • Sunscreen, you will be outside
  • A hat/ glasses if you like
  • Depending on the weather, rain coat or jackets

3. How long are the games?

Races can be completed from anywhere between 45 and 90 minutes – depending on the team partaking. We do suggest that teams return to HintHunt at the end of 90 minutes to be reunited with your group and for a team photo!

Teams are required to arrive 15 minutes before the game for an introduction.

4. Where do the Hint Hunt Amazing Race games take place?

Inside the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

5. Can kids do the Amazing Race game?

Given the nature of the games children under the age of 13 are required to be accompanied by at least 1 adult per team (unless otherwise agreed upon with HintHunt management).

Children under the age of 7 play for free.

6. Is the game weather dependent?

Games will run regardless of weather conditions so please be prepared – hats and sunscreen for the heat, rain jackets and warm clothes for the wet and cold!

They do offer the option of switching routes to play within a predominantly under cover route with only a few portions of the race being exposed to the elements.

7. How many people can play?

Teams of 2 – 4 players but can accommodate groups of up to 40 Players per route per session.

8. How far will I run or walk?

Although exploring different locations adds to the enjoyment of the experience, our routes are designed so that you will only travel between 1,5 and 2,5 kilometers throughout your experience.

Check the specific route’s details for the estimated distance you will need to cover.


Problem & puzzle solving will test your logic and dexterity as time runs out and pressure mounts!


Friends, family or colleagues need to work together if they are to succeed – collaboration is key!


60, 90 or 120 minutes to find, solve, think or race your way to success in one of the exciting experiences of your choice.


Create lasting memories through exciting adventures. Ride the waves of euphoria in these immersive, exhilarating experiences!

The Amazing Race Adventure, Powered by HintHunt V&A Waterfront & the FOMO app:

Don your sleuth-suit and slink your way to the V&A Waterfront, for the ultimate in the battle of wits, charms and brute brawn!

Take up the challenge of emerging victorious after an invigorating session of the global phenomenon, Hint Hunt, affording you the opportunity to pit yourself against worthy adversaries whose sole purpose is outsmarting you – or so they think!

If you couch-potatoed your way through The Amazing Race series, channel your inner seeker and slay your way through a plethora of insanely ingenious clues, locks and puzzles to outwit your opponents in this original live escape game. Using locally-designed interactive software, teams of adventurous players dare to defeat the timer as they hack their way through mind-bending games, racing each other via landmarks on a predetermined course, eagerly anticipating the next task and recalibrating at each checkpoint until the finish line.