How to Tip In South Africa

How to Tip In South Africa

Cars and Car guards, gas attendants, safari rangers and trackers, and other service market employees

Travel presents you to an entire brand-new world of culture and history, and without a little background on the location you’re visiting it can be difficult to understand what’s anticipated of you as a visitor. Tipping is among those things that is various all over the world, and it can be uncomfortable attempting to determine rules and etiquette and local customs

We asked some regional professionals to weigh in, and offer the main guide to tipping in South Africa.

How to Tip In South Africa

SOME BROAD RULES FOR TIPPING South Africa has a tipping culture, and the basic guideline is we begin at 10 %. Many individuals who operate in the service market depend on these suggestions to earn a living wage, so frequently ideas are greater than 10%.

You’re not required to leave a tip if the company was less than professional, impolite, drunk or has actually supplied insufficient service, states Kane William Pretorius, Etiquette Consultant at The South African School of Etiquette in Sandton, Johannesburg. “For example, if you did not get what you were guaranteed in an appropriate amount of time and there was no preemptive effort to restore the scenario, you do not require to leave a tip,”he states.

Tip with money, if you can, states Riandi Conradie, Founder southern African Etiquette Academy. “Tipping by card is likewise valued, however the service employee just gets it by the end of the week or month.”

How to Tip In South Africa

CAR GUARDS There are various sort of car guards, so it can be hard to find out what’s going on. Here’s the rundown. Some car guards are self-appointed and casual, and are attempting to eke out a living; they normally use a yellow or orange vest. They typically likewise aid with packaging of cars and trucks and discovering parking areas, and this deserves an idea. Others operate at the open car park of shopping center as mandated guards, and have a uniform and standard procedure. Some shopping-centre guards pay a charge for their area, and count on suggestions to cover that expense and just then earn a living.

In the Cape Town City Bowl, the City of Cape Town uses parking attendants to gather payment for parking. They’re simple to find with their intense vests and parking meters. They are not typically tipped.

Muneeb “Mo” Hendricks, Manager of the Cape Town Central City Improvement District (CCID) Safety and Security department, states “If the cars and truck guard gets along, practical and looks out to what is decreasing in the street where you have actually parked, and your vehicle has actually not been taken or harmed in your lack, then you ought to provide a tip.”
Typical tip: R5– R10 money depending upon length of stay and whether the guard has actually been attentive
Something to think about: Generally the guideline is this: if the lot charges for parking, security needs to be offered; if you do not spend for parking, the security is an additional service worth tipping for.
How to Tip In South Africa

How to Tip In South Africa


Gas attendants are another decidedly South African service. The attendants fill your tank with fuel at a station while you stay in your vehicle. They likewise provide to inspect your oil, water, tire pressure and typically clean your back and front windows too. Tipping is basic, and can frequently be contributed to a card payment (however money suggestions are chosen).Typical tip: R5– R20 Something to think about: R5 is the minimum, however pointer more when additional services, like examining tire pressure, are supplied.

How to Tip In South Africa

In South Africa, there are 3 kinds of taxi services: minibus taxis, metered taxis, and e-hailing apps such as Bolt, Uber, inDriver, and Taxi Live Africa. Tips are not given up minibus taxis, however the chauffeurs of metred taxis and trip apps typically are tipped. In trip apps, you can quickly supply a tip in-app after your ride.Average suggestion: 10% -20%of the overall fare Something to think about
: Judge your tip by the quantity of stops you make, professionalism, friendliness and the range the chauffeur takes you.


At numerous dining establishments, waitstaff are paid a base pay and depend on tips. Examine your bill to see if the dining establishment has actually currently consisted of a 10% or greater tip on the costs( this is often basic for tables of a particular size ). If not, make certain to leave a tip. If a sommelier has actually offered outstanding recommendations and boosted the dining experience, you can think about committing a different suggestion by plainly showing it on the bill/check, states Harry Melck, Cape Wine Master and Head of Cape Wine Academy.Average pointer: 10%is the outright minimum, however 15 %and up is more normal Something to think about: Don’t punish the waitstaff for food quality, unless they do not manage the grievance well. These type of grievances need to be directed at management.


Therapists and specialists at hair or beauty parlor, and massage and tattoo studios value a pointer for extraordinary service, although it is elective. Lots of consumers tip hair stylists, including 10 % to the general bill.Average idea: 10%– 15% of
the overall service fee or greater Something to think about: Leaving your hair stylist a tip is an excellent method to develop an excellent relationship with them. GOLF CADDIES In golf, a caddie (or caddy)not just brings your bag and clubs, however likewise typicallyHow to Tip In South Africa

understands the course well and offers insight on the course and how to play it. Typically just major gamers utilize a caddy, and it’s popular to tip.Average suggestion: R200– R300 Something to think about: The idea depends upon the quality of the golf club, the expense of a round of golf, and the quality of caddy’s guidance. The greater the expense and much better the quality,the higher the idea, according to Pretorius.

A game-viewing experience in South Africa is made even more unique by the assistance and service of team member. The guides and rangers keep you safe on safari, explain the(typically near-hidden)animals, and lead the experience out in the wild. The porters, housekeeping personnel, and kitchen area personnel do whatever else to make your stay extraordinary. Presuming you’ve enjoyed your stay, a day-to-day idea is not essential. A pooled suggestion for the personnel is a hassle-free method for you to reach the house cleaning, front of home, and basic personnel all at once.Average pointer: Three-day safari at R100– R250 per couple per night Something to think about: It’s usually accepted that you tip the ranger and tracker individually. At high-end lodges pointers for your ranger and tracker need to be R1000 and greater. HOTELS At a hotel, there are numerous service personnel who add to the

How to Tip In South Africa

quality of your stay. Porters take bags to your space, another group runs the kitchen area, house cleaners look after your space, and front desk personnel might arrange trips and reservations for you. Porters are typically tipped instantly, by hand, a percentage. Housekeeping personnel are normally provided tips either in an envelope or money left in the space. A pooled tip is a hassle-free method to guarantee all members of personnel are reached.Average idea: R20– R500(depending upon length of stay and services gotten)Something to think about: If one team member has actually headed out of their method to offer great service,
you can tip them personally. IN A BAR When tipping bar personnel in South Africa, it’s prevalent to leave a suggestion on the bar counter and an appropriately bigger idea when purchasing a specialised beverage or a larger round that takes longer to prepare.Average idea: 10%– 20% of the expense of the expense Something to think about: If you tip kindly at the bar the very first time round, you’re most likely to be observed for it and get quicker service on the next round.