SA food tech startup hits 50 000 downloads

SA food tech startup hits 50 000 downloads

FOMO, a local food app that connects users with specials at restaurants or events has reached its mark of 50 000 downloads in a mere five months, proving its business model and offering has won over consumers.

Rosemary Anderson, Chairperson of the Federated Hospitality Association of South Africa attributes the success of the app to its social impact value as it assists the local hospitality industry.

“Covid-19 has decimated our industry and financially compromised many restaurants that are still standing today. Third-party apps can assist us in getting the economy back on track.”


Founded earlier this year by Ryan Marx and Jax Du Plessis, the app forms part of Harken Holdings, a local business builder that owns brands such as MoneyPanda. 

Fomo’s benefits are twofold, as reportedly the first SA app that provides food specials and events, it also is a practical tool to assist restaurants in accessing a wider range of consumers. 

Ryan Marx, co-founder of Fomo indicates what inspired the creation of the app.

“When you search Google for what to do in a specific area, we’re often given generic lists that are present us with limited options that are seldom updated.”

Users are able to access contact details and operating hours for nearby restaurants that are provided using geolocation. Using geolocation users are able to view nearby current restaurant specials.

In addition, users are able to rate and provide feedback on the restaurants visited which provides constructive insight for restaurant owners on how they can improve or add to their offerings. 

“Our service allows them to get business in the door and removes the digital marketing aspect of promoting their service for them. We get to focus on our core competency, which is marketing their specials and they get to focus on theirs – doing what they do best,” adds Marx.

Fomo includes an in-app featured that has integrated with Google Maps for directions to the restaurant or to opt for an Uber. 

Restaurants are able to be listed on the app for a monthly fee of R499 and can list two existing specials at a time.