The Best Paragliding Deals in Cape Town this Summer + 15 Frequently Asked Questions About Paragliding

We have all had that thought…”I wonder what it would feel like to be a bird?”. Well now you can find out for yourself with the ultimate tandem paragliding experience in Cape Town using the FOMO app to get it on a great discounted deal.

No experience is necessary, closed shoes are though!

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Enjoy the ultimate tandem paragliding experience in Cape Town with The Tandem Flight Company, Skywings, Cape Hope Paragliding or Extreme Scene. Fun fact, only a hand full of companies have the legal licence to do Tandem Paragliding in Cape Town. All companies that FOMO works with are licensed to do Tandem Paragliding in Cape Town.

Fly with experienced pilots and see Cape Town’s most gorgeous views.

They will walk you through the entire process upfront, including a safety briefing and detailed instructions so you can have a safe & enjoyable flight. Once you are airborne, all you need to do is relax, enjoy the views and take some pics if you want to. They all also offer a picture & video package of your flight which is usually R200-R300 extra but oh so worth it… who doesn’t want a paragliding profile pic?!

“I’m worried about safety”

Safety and high quality service are top priorities!

The tandem paragliding FOMO works with takes safety very seriously. They have the best safety records on the mountain and they do our best to keep it that way! All of the pilots have many years of experience with tandem paragliding flights in South Africa and internationally. They also buy new tandem paragliding equipment yearly – and Tandem Flight Company replaces their gliders every year. When you fly you can relax knowing that you are in the best hands, flying with the most up-to-date equipment available.

Most Frequently asked questions about Tandem Paragliding:

1. How SHOULD I dress for my Tandem Paragliding Flight?

Bring/wear sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, and a warm jacket along for the flight. It is super important to have closed shoes (preferably lace up) that are secure on your feet.

We also recommend a small bottle of water in case of a hike up Lions Head. This is not too strenuous but in the heat you will get thirsty.


Paragliding as in any other form of flight has inherent dangers but the pilots are all highly respected SAHPA/RAASA Certified Tandem Paragliding Instructors giving you more than enough peace of mind when you come paragliding. Safety is always the top priority.

3. How long doES THE Tandem Paragliding Flight last?

Tandem paragliding flights will vary in length as they are dependent on weather conditions (majorly the wind ). Paragliding flight duration will vary from about 8 to 15 minutes. This is pretty long to be in air like a bird.

4. What payment methods are available?

The payment is all done online through FOMO, you buy the FOMO paragliding voucher and just call the paragliding company using the number we provide you on the voucher to make your booking. FOMO allows credit card/ card purchases, manual EFT’s and the Payflex option that will let you pay the purchase off in 4-6 payments, absolutely interest free!

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5. What is a Tandem Paragliding Flight?

Paragliding is the simplest form of flight. Unpowered, foot-launched and sensational! Thermals and/or dynamic lift (a wind of 2 to 30km/hr) keep us aloft.

The gliders have been developed so well over time that we are now able to fly well nearly 600km in a straight line in a single flight (over 11 hours in the air)! Needless to say that the safety of the canopies has also followed this trend.

Today a light “hike and fly” glider, harness and reserve parachute setup can weigh under 3kg!

Tandem paragliding flights involve passengers being securely strapped into a comfortable harness in front of the pilot.


The difficulty of the take off all depends on the weather, with a steady breeze in the right direction a few steps will be all it takes to become air born. On lighter wind days a good light run before the launch is what is needed.

7. Is it easy to land after tandem paragliding?

Landings are always super easy and soft because of the light wind blowing over the landing space.

Luckily the landing field are on Sea Point Promenade and the Glen Country Club which are large clear open areas making landings extremely easy.

8. SHOULD I bring my own camera on the Tandem Paragliding Flight?

You can bring your own camera along for the flight, but we don’t suggest it. All pilots all have HD Cameras mounted on a customised telescopic boom. This gives you the chance to enjoy the epic views and you don’t need to worry about taking pictures and videos and miss out on the amazing flight experience.

If you take your own camera, you do so at entirely your own risk. All the equipment you take along for the flight must be securely attached to yourself and will only be allowed at the Instructors discretion.

9. How WILL I get back to my CAR OR LIFT after the Tandem Paragliding Flight?

So simple! There will be a  free shuttle service that will return you to your car after the flight which will give you some time to enjoy the company of the instructors in the air conditioned vehicle.


You can be young, old, tall, short… when it comes to tandem paragliding there is no discrimination.

If you have any special requirements you can just reach out and ask ! If you are under the age of 18 note that a parent or guardian needs to sign off for the flight before take off. Weight restrictions: 25kg and 120kg.

Medical conditions must be brought up before the flight for the instructor to access if there are any risks, otherwise you can contact your medical practitioner beforehand.

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11. Can I bring a bag WITH ME ON THE TANDEM FLIGHT?

Yes, you will be able to but it would need to be small enough to fit into the harness. Eg a small packpack/moonbag.

12. Who can pilot a Tandem Paragliding FLIGHT?

Only a tandem certified flight instructor is allowed to take you on one of these tandem instructional flights. As mentioned before we only use SAHPA/RAASA Certified Tandem Paragliding Instructors with all FOMO’s tandem’s.

13. How WILL I GET my Photo’s and Videos of my Tandem Paragliding Flight?

The tandem paragliding company of your choice will transfer you the photo’s and video’s after the flight. They use verified Apple & Android products to transfer the file onto your phone right then and there. Please make sure there is sufficient space on your phone to allow them to transfer over all your amazing memories you made. We usually recommend 2GB to 3GB storage space to be available on your phone.

14. WHERE SHOULD I MEET YOU for my Tandem Paragliding Flight?

Most of the paragliding companies will meet at the Signal Hill Parking area which is at the end of Signal Hill Drive or at the Lions Head Parking Area. This will all depend on the weather that day and the direction of the wind. You can contact the paragliding company the day of to make sure you go to the correct meeting point. Both meeting points are close to eachother.

We meet at the Signal Hill Parking Area at the end of Signal Hill Drive or at the Lions Head Parking Area depending on where we are flying.

It is advised to arrive about 30 minutes early to give yourself time to find parking and complete the forms.

15. Can YOU paraglide off of Table Mountain?

Paragliding off of Table Mountain is permitted but only when flying solo. However, Tandem Paragliding is not allow off of Table Mountain because of the very technical and difficult launch terrain.

What else do I need to know when coming on a Tandem Paragliding Flight?
  • You MUST book before the time
  • Call an hour before to check in with your paragliding company if the weather conditions are still ok to go out that day
  • When you arrive just ask around for your paragliding company, they will be easy to find
  • Closed shoes is a MUST
  • Do not be late, the instructors don’t want to rush you along, this needs to be a calm experience

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Paragliding in Cape Town

In Cape Town, you can paraglide mainly from Lion’s Head and Signal Hill. The paragliding launch site that you will use depends on the wind direction at the time. Sometimes we start flying from Signal Hill and then move across to Lion’s Head as the wind changes throughout the day.

Tandem paragliding flights will vary in duration and it’s not possible for anyone to guarantee a specific flight time due to the changeable nature of the wind and general weather conditions especially in Cape Town. One only flies in conditions that allow us to launch and land safely 100%. The tandem paragliding flight instructors (TFIs) are all highly experienced. They will always make every effort to give you the longest (up to 30 minutes) and most enjoyable flight possible. In general flights in Cape Town can be anything from about 5-30 minutes in duration.

All the Tandem Paragliding companies use amazing GoPro cameras to capture insane video and photos of your tandem paragliding flight – all the action, all the emotion! Ask your pilot.The inflight photos and video are an optional extra. You can also view them after the flight without obligation to buy them.

Unforgettable Experiences Will Be Made