The FOMO App Offering Restaurants their Services for Free

The FOMO App Offering Restaurants their Services for Free

Some Good News in Times of Crisis

If you haven’t heard of the FOMO App then you really are missing out, this is the not so new South African app that shows you where the restaurants specials, events and activities are based on your location. The FOMO App has very quickly become a household name and tool that diners are using to find their specials and with over 60k downloads this app surely has some pull in South Africa.

But what happens when restaurants aren’t fully operational? The FOMO App has decided to give back to the ailing restaurant industry by freezing all payments for existing paying clients and will be offering free listings for specials and takeaways menus for any restaurant that is open during this period. 

Jax du Plessis, Co-founder & CMO of the FOMO App, “ Even though we are self funded and FOMO is technically still a start-up, we strongly believe in paying it forward and as long as we have the power to help a suffering industry we will,So for now we will be pivoting FOMO’s product by focusing on showing our entire user base where they can get their next take out from” 

There are hundreds of thousands of jobs at risk due to the latest South African level 4 lockdown, this could ultimately lead to the death of the restaurant industry. No one knows how long this lockdown will really last and that’s why we need to hustle and adapt quickly. 

Ryan Marx, Co-founder of the FOMO App, “Even 2 weeks could mean death to many restaurants, I believe the restaurant industry needs a voice and someone to speak up for them. We are working tirelessly to be this voice for all the restaurants that feel hopeless at this point.

We have our entire team working currently throughout the night to upload restaurants and their menus”

With no plan from the government the FOMO App felt they had to step in and give some kind of relief to the restaurants. We are urging all restaurants to contact the FOMO App if they want to list their specials or take away menus on the app for free. All you need to do is either WhatsApp them on 073 673 9974 or go their website to send them an email and they will do the rest. We need to stand together now more than ever, so we urge you to do what you can to help save the livelihoods of our fellow South Africans.